Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pumpkins, leafs, and Halloween

Michael really enjoyed his pudding.

We had a hard time getting any pictures of our little skeleton since he is so squirmy, but we got a few good one. He had a fun time trick or treating. He loved knocking on doors and then getting to pick candy out of a bowl. Sadly, Brent and I ate most of the candy.

Brent made a huge pile of leafs for Michael to play in. He had a great time, even Clide had fun.


Stephanie said...

Your cat is HUGE!! And I love Michaels smile. What a cute kid. I'm always so happy when you update your blog. It's good to know what you are up to. Isn't Halloween fun with a kid? I love it


I love the pictures of Michael and Clyde! It makes me want a cat! He is getting so big! Halloween is so much funner with kids. PS your blog looks way cute

Kelsey said...

Ya your new background is neat. The best part of trick-or-treating with little kids is that you get to eat all the candy. I'm not sure why you're sad about it. I'm glad Michael and Clyde had fun in the leafs. Clyde doesn't really look like he's enjoying himself though.

Beach Mommy said...

That is a huge pile of leaves! And, I love the teeth on Brent's pumpkin. I'm with Kelsey on the candy thing, I'm happy to take a few pieces off my kids' hands:)