Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pamela Susan Dunaway

Erica loves little Pamela. For the first few days every time she saw Pamela she would say "That's my baby sister". She always wants to hold her. I thought she would be jealous but she's been great with her so far.
My pretty little girl.
She was born at 7:42 in the morning, so I was up all night and feeling pretty tired.
First family photo with Pamela.

Hanging out with the boys.

Monday, May 9, 2011


All dressed up for Easter. The kids were almost impossible to get pictures of. They were all over the place and didn't want to smile so I did the best I could. They both looked really cute though.
Such fake smiles.
We took this picture the day before Easter after we had our own little Easter egg hunt.

They had a blast dying eggs and putting stickers on the eggs.

For family night one Monday we played Twister (well I didn't since I'm very pregnant but I spun the wheel and took pictures).
Michael was actually really good at Twister. Those little kids are so flexible.
Michael always wants to wear his soccer clothes. He'll leave them on all day after a game including his shin guards. He's so proud that he's on a team.
Here is Michael's first soccer team. He had a great time playing especially with his Dad as coach.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Michael's 4th birthday party

All the kids gathered around to open presents. It was hilarious the other kids kept telling Michael to open their gift and would tell him what they got him before he even opened it. I think the other kids were as excited as Michael.
Dixon, Conn, Erica,Inara, Aliah, Sophie, Michael, Abe, Mckensey, and Yuri. I think this a pretty good group shot of all the kids. With 10 kids it's amazing that so many of them are looking at the camera, but I did bribe them with cookies if they took the picture so that must be why it worked.
We played with a parachute but it seemed to be more excitement than the kids could handle. We were going to take turns running under it but no one could wait their turn or listen to instructions so we just put some balls on top and let them bounce them all over.
I was shooting balloons in the air that the kids would go and catch.
Playing with chalk.
The birthday boy anxiously awaiting his friends to show up for the party. We had a great time at his party. Brent couldn't be there so being 7 months pregnant I was pretty tired by the end of it but luckily Penny (Michael's Grandma) was there to help along with some other moms.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Catching up with some pictures

We always carve pumpkins with The Dunaway's every year. Michael and Erica each got their own.
We went to Virginia in October. We had a great visit.
We went to Disneyland in September. Erica's favorite part of Disneyland was the petting zoo. She loves animals so much.

Michael loved the sand and playing at the beach but didn't want anything to do with the freezing cold water.
On Halloween we took the kids over to Grandma's house where they got to play with cousins and go trick or treating together. They all look so cute in their costumes.
Nintendo junkies
We went to Vegas this month (January) and Hannah and her kids met us there for a few days. They had a great time playing with their cousins.
Enjoying some time out in the snow. They are using their garden tools to play in the snow.
Erica looks so grown up here, it's a little sad to me.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Fun

We are pretty much outside for hours everyday riding bikes, digging in the dirt, and eating popsicles.
I love this profile picture, I love her chubby little body.
We went to the zoo in June and had a great time, Erica was more interested in climbing everything then she was in the animals.
Michael loved the animals and kept saying I want to see more animals after each exhibit.
The kids loved the train ride and I didn't mind sitting for a few minutes in the shade, it was a hot day!
Poor Clide, Erica is obsessed with him and lays on him all the time. I'm glad he is such a good sport.
Michael is holding a parachute man from the fireworks that we lit on the 5th. Both kids weren't to excited about the fireworks but we did them anyway with Jonny and Dave.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So all these pictures are a couple of months old. We finally put them on the computer so I decided to stop being lazy and update my blog.
All dressed up for church. Brent says this dress of erica's look likes a Moomoo. I think most little girls dresses do though, they have big bellys.

Michael was having fun with the Easter baskets.
erica's 1st birthday!
We had an Easter party with our neighbors. The kids got to paint eggs and make their little baskets and then we had an easter egg hunt. they had a lot of fun.