Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Ever since Christmas when Michael heard me calling for Brent at my Mom's house Michael has been calling Brent, bernt. He calls him daddy half the time and Bernt the other half. It's really cute when Brent leaves some where and Michael will say "bye bernt". We try to tell him to call him daddy but I think he feels big when he calls him bernt. Anyway just a random story of how cute my little man is. On a side note, Brent is obsessed with taking pictures like this lately. I don't think when you hold the camera out they ever look to great, but they are fun.


Chelsea Michelle said...

Hey Sarah! Hope you don't care but I got your blog site from Ryan and Kara and I always read! Can't believe how big michael is getting and that the next one is almost here! Crazy how that works. Have a good one!



SO cute. Remember that it is a developmental milestone! Caitlyn did that for a long time too. But now she calls us both mommy and daddy. Its funny when they realize that maybe you are something else other than a mom or your OWN person....WITH A NAME! Ilove that he says it Bernt! Make sure you get that on video!

Bothell Berghout's said...

I smile everytime I think of Michael calling for bernt. What a cutie. The pictures are great!

Jennilyn and Chad said...

That is so cute! How are you guys doing? It was so good to see you a few weeks ago! I always love the Olive Garden. I seriously crave that place every day! You're almost due! Wow! How are you feeling?