Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Michael's 2 year pictures

Here are Michael's 2 year old pictures. I think he's a pretty handsome little man. I can't believe that he's already two. I'm so glad to have him in my life.
Soon my little man goes from being the baby to the big brother, crazy!
Getting Michael to sit still for pictures was once again an adventure. It took both Brent and I to do it and we still didn't have much success. It's also not easy to keep his hair combed. He either messes it up himself or it will just start sticking up on it's own.


Kelsey said...

He's so handsom. Isn't he supposed to marry Sage? I think they will look cute together.


Oh they are darling! I keep putting of taking Jeffy because its BOUND to be a disaster! I can't believe Michael is 2! Where did the time go? Can't wait to see his baby sister!!!!!

Jan said...

He is adorable. Such a happy smile!! He will win the hearts of many I am certain.

Beach Mommy said...

Cute pictures!