Saturday, October 10, 2009

Family pictures

We were only going to get one of the whole family but these other ones were to cute to pass up.

Our little professional.


Beach Mommy said...

Love the picture in the armchair! We so need to get a professional family picture done someday. I have yet to get our family together in a studio... even Sariah still has never had a professional picture taken.

You guys should come down soon. The last time I saw you was when we went to D'land with Hannah and Adrian and she and I were 5 months pregnant! It would be fun to go again.

Angela said...

Love the pictures!

welovebees said...

So cute. I love checking the blog and seeing your family. There were cute ones at my blessing I will have to show you. Lets get together soon... Seems like I have more lunch dates now that I am not working than when I did - it gets expensive - but with you its worth it! :)

April said...

Your family is wonderful. You are a beautiful Mommy, you havent changed a bit through life with kids. I love that. I miss you and our goofy times.