Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween

My pretty little ladybug.
Out little ninja. The outfit was to small but it was to late by this time we were on our way to our ward party. He didn't seem to care it was to small. You can notice Michael's handy work in the back ground.

This was as good as a picture as we could get of the two of them.
Enjoying fall

Erica loved playing with her brother in the leaves.



Holy COW! Erica is the cutest thing EVER! Love the costumes!

April said...

Wow, Michael is huge! Maybe he seems bigger on film, but he looks a lot bigger than Jorja. No wonder the costume was too small. The kids are just too cute! :)

welovebees said...

I love them in the leaves together. You have great looking kids - its our genes I guess.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't some of these pictures have been posted on

Scott and Marjie said...

Too cute!

beach mommy said...

Your kids really are beautiful!!