Thursday, March 18, 2010

A wedding, funeral, and birthday party

Michael turned 3 this week. It's so crazy to me that he's already 3, I don't know how it went so fast. He seems so big now.
My mom with Michael and Erica. Both of Michael's grandma's were at his birthday party and I think it was a little confusing for him cause he's never been around both at the same time. Tom was here for the week also but left the day before Michael's party. Michael and Tom were fast friends. All the kids just love Tom. Erica is a big time momma's girl but she warmed up to my mom and was even willing to go to her on her own by the end of my mom's stay.
This was at the end of Michael's party. He had all his friends over and had a great time. He was so excited about having his own birthday party, he's talked about having it for the last few months so when it finally came he was thrilled.
Grandma and Erica
These are Michael's cousins Dixon and Conn. He loves all of his cousins and was happy to have them come and play at his house.

Here is Michael with his best friends, Sophie, Abe, and Aliah. Getting toddlers to all look at the camera and smile is almost impossible.
The week before Michael's birthday we went to St. George for my friends Chantel's wedding. It was really fun I got to see Alisa and Katrina who are in this picture. We were really good friends growing up in Show Low and I hadn't seen them in at least ten years. It was great to catch up.
Andra was nice enough to let us stay with her in St. george. Michael seemed to quite enjoy her.
Me and the happy couple. If you know Chantel you know that she couldn't go with the traditional white dress. It was a fun wedding and I'm glad I got to go.

After the wedding we headed to Kingman for my grandma's funeral. It was a nice memorial. It was just family who was there so it good to be with everyone and remember her.



Sarah...your kids are adorable. And I swear you get prettier every year. Miss you.

Scott and Marjie said...

I love the picture with you and the girls where Erica is smiling along with everyone. So cute!! Dixon had so much fun at the party (despite his expression in the pic).

beach mommy said...

It's crazy how fast it all goes... Hope your vacations were great!!