Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My cute kids

Me and my cute babies.
Striking a pose for bath time.
Michael finally agreed to hold Erica, which for him was letting us put her on him. He quickly said all done after a few seconds. He asks more and more to hold her.
Michael has been so sweet to Erica lately. He always insists on giving her a kiss good night and he will always put her blanket back on her if he sees it has fallen off. He scared me half to death today when I came out of the bathroom and he was carrying her down the hall to bring her to me. I quickly grabbed her from him and told him only mommies and daddies can carry her. Luckily he didn't drop her. He had never tried to pick her up before so we hadn't been strapping her in the bouncer, I will from now on though. It was cute though because she was fussy so he was just trying to help.


Stephanie said...

Those pictures are so sweet. That's funny how Michael won't hardly hold her, and then one day he decides to carry her. I'm glad it turned out okay, because now it can just be a cute story to tell.

welovebees said...

Michaels hair is so short!!!! What a cute family you have!

Ryan said...

That is so cute that Michael was trying to help. What an awesome older brother! You have one cute family!


They are so cute! It's so amazing to watch your kids grown in to SIBLINGS! It melts my heart. I'm glad he's being nice and not poking her in the eye!

Kelsey said...

What a sweet picture of little Erica in the bath! Those eyes are gorgeous just staring up at you! And Mike giving her a sweet kiss on the head while she sleeps. What a sweetheart! I'm glad Micheal's not beating on Erica. Aliah still beats on Inara. Yesterday we borrowed Robin's truck so the girls had to sit right next to each other, and Aliah kept clawing Inara. She's got tons of scraps and scabs.