Monday, July 6, 2009


Erica's tummy time turns into a family event.
Erica, Yuri, Michael, and Sophie. These little girls are our neighbors and good friends of Michael. They hold Erica way more than Michael does.
Kelsey and I went to farm country a few weeks back. Michael loves the pony ride.
Michael and Aliah have a love/ hate relationship. They always love the idea of playing together but once they are together they end up fighting. They're still best friends though.

These two are so skinny they don't add up to much even standing on the scale together.


Kelsey said...

I'm glad Clyde is in your new family picture. I think we need to take one with the dogs. (Maybe I should start with one with Inara in it though.)

Angela said...

I love the new family picture. It looks like you're having a fun summer.

Stephanie said...

Now, just so long as you don't plan on those two getting married! And your little girl is already so big! I need to come see her.


I'm afraid little Sage is going to have to fight off Aliya for Michaels hand in marriage =).

Beach Mommy said...

She is getting so big! Cute tummy time!