Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer catch up

Its been awhile since I last posted so I'm going to have a lot of pictures. This picture shows how huge our cat is. He is much bigger than our 4 month old.
Daddy and the kiddos.
Best buddies.
We went to Bear lake last weekend with the whole Dunaway family. We all shared a big cabin and had a great time.
Brent and Erica were worn out from all the fun.
Scott was nice enough to take the little ones out on the boat and even let them drive it. Michael had a great time on the boat and loved driving it.
Brent and Erica relaxing on the beach.
Michael had a great time in the sand, he was covered in it by the time we left.
So cute.
This was taken on the 4th of July. We had put Erica on Clide's back so then Michael insisted that he get to do it to. Clide was a good sport.
Joe came into town for the 4th so we had a bbq with the fam.
Just plain cute.


welovebees said...

Yeah - I love all the blog pics. How did you get clyde to lay like that with your kids? Our dogs would NEVER! That should be your Christmas card :D. So - I am still adjusting a little - but we need to for sure plan another get together...

Stephanie said...

Don't you and Missy always have fat cats? :) And that little Erica of yours is SO cute. I know I probably say that in every comment I leave, but I just can't believe how gorgeous and grown up she is. I have got to get down there to cuddle her.


SARAH!!! I LOVE EVERY PICTURE! Erica is such a beautiful baby. I especially love the picture of CLYDE between the two kids. Laughed my head off!! I miss you guys!

April said...

I love reading you blog, keep it coming, girl! Yes, next time I come to Utah we are for sure hanging out. I'll hold you to that. ;) Tell Brent we all say hi, and we miss you guys sooo much. Yall are the coolest friends we've had and miss hanging out with you guys.

Scott and Marjie said...

For the record, I'm pretty sure Clide is bigger than Dixon too. Your kids are too cute.

Beach Mommy said...

It amazes me that you and Hannah both have such huge cats! Erica is just beautiful and you look terrific! Lots of cute pictures and I hope you keep catching up! I love seeing them. I'm catching up right now too!! Tell Brent hi for us

Kizzy said...

Way cute pictures! You have two good looking kids!

Jennilyn and Chad said...

Bear Lake looks like a blast! It was so much fun up there! Ok so that last picture of Erica is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!! So sweet! How are you?