Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So all these pictures are a couple of months old. We finally put them on the computer so I decided to stop being lazy and update my blog.
All dressed up for church. Brent says this dress of erica's look likes a Moomoo. I think most little girls dresses do though, they have big bellys.

Michael was having fun with the Easter baskets.
erica's 1st birthday!
We had an Easter party with our neighbors. The kids got to paint eggs and make their little baskets and then we had an easter egg hunt. they had a lot of fun.


welovebees said...

They are so precious. I love Erica in her glasses and her moomoo!

Kizzy said...

Cute pictures! I'm glad you unloaded the camera. It's always fun to see new pictures.

Hannah said...

I can't believe how big they are getting. Really cute pictures!

Scott and Marjie said...

Let's be honest. We'd all wear moomoos if we looked that good in them! Cute pics!