Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Fun

We are pretty much outside for hours everyday riding bikes, digging in the dirt, and eating popsicles.
I love this profile picture, I love her chubby little body.
We went to the zoo in June and had a great time, Erica was more interested in climbing everything then she was in the animals.
Michael loved the animals and kept saying I want to see more animals after each exhibit.
The kids loved the train ride and I didn't mind sitting for a few minutes in the shade, it was a hot day!
Poor Clide, Erica is obsessed with him and lays on him all the time. I'm glad he is such a good sport.
Michael is holding a parachute man from the fireworks that we lit on the 5th. Both kids weren't to excited about the fireworks but we did them anyway with Jonny and Dave.


Scott and Marjie said...

I gotta say, Erica makes me laugh. She is so funny. You have some great pictures that really catch her personality. What a cutie!

Amberlee Hampshire said...

When are you going to update the blog?!? I just got your Christmas card. LOVE IT! I need to get some professional pics of my little man and send one out. Maybe for new years! :) You should post some new pics!